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The Chickadee Cat Club is a registered non-profit organization
and chartered club of the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA)
open to anyone owning and/or loving all cats.


The Chickadee Cat Club aims to bring awareness of responsible cat ownership and kindness to all animals through monthly meetings with guest speakers who widen our knowledge in all things related to CATS.  We reach the public with our message of awareness at mall displays, in various community activities, in school programs, and with seniors in pet therapy programs.  We believe that through education and awareness we can instill the knowledge needed to be responsible cat owners and improve our relationship with cats.


We also host ACFA Championship & Household Pet Cat Shows in our region so the public can see in-person some of the many different breeds of cats and have an opportunity to meet registered cat breeders.  It is also an opportunity to learn about the many animal welfare groups in the area, and buy something special for your cat.  It is the only ACFA licensed Judge officiated cat show in the Province of New Brunswick presently.  The one or two day Cat Shows have between 5 and 10 licensed Judges, about 100 cats entered, around 30 vendors including non-profit animal welfare organizations, and between 1,500 and 2,000 spectators each year.  Our show has become such an attraction, that it has drawn exhibitors from as far away as Winnipeg, Baltimore, and the State of Washington.  If you love cats, this is a must-see event!  See the Cat Shows page for more information.


The Chickadee Cat Club was founded in 2005 as a chartered club of the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA)


There are three ACFA clubs in the Eastern Canada Region (Manitoba/Ontario border to Newfoundland and Labrador) with more than 50 clubs throughout the rest of Canada and the USA. The Chickadee Cat Club averages about 75 members from across the Maritimes and as far away as British Columbia, France, and Qatar (in the Middle East). 


The Aims of the Chickadee Cat Club are:

  • To sponsor and promote the welfare of all cats

  • To cultivate friendships among and promote the interest of owners, fanciers, and breeders of cats in the Atlantic Provinces and neighbouring regions

  • To encourage kindness to all animals, assisting in the prevention of cruelty and maltreatment of animals

  • To hold cat shows and promote interest in and knowledge of purebred cats, and to encourage ethical breeding towards ACFA Standards of Perfection and to encourage the registration of cats with ACFA


The Chickadee Cat Club Accomplishes its Aims by:

  • Holding meetings that provide a forum for sharing cat experiences and information about cat health and well-being

  • Introducing the aims and goals of the Chickadee Cat Club to the public and promoting responsible cat ownership by educating about the importance of spaying and neutering pet cats and responsible breeding practices

  • Supporting SPCA’s and other animal rescue and welfare organizations

  • Sharing our love of cats with Seniors through the conduct of a Cat Therapy Program

  • Educating elementary and middle school students on responsible pet ownership

  • Sponsoring cat shows for registered purebred cats and household pets

  • Conducting fund-raising activities to assist in achieving the Club’s aims




Annual Club membership, from January to December, costs just $10 for an individual, and $5 for additional family members at the same residence.  Membership in the Club entitles you to receive Club notices and records of meetings; vote to elect Club Officers and Committee Members; and vote on Club business matters.


If you would like to become a member of the Chickadee Cat Club, please contact the Membership Secretary (details on the Executive page).

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