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​About Pellburn Abyssinians


Cats of PELLBURN is a small Abyssinian cattery in eastern Canada and the only one in the Province
of New Brunswick.  We breed Ruddy and sometimes Red Abyssinians only (no other breeds).


We chose to breed Abyssinians because they are so beautiful, affectionate, and interactive with people, and we want to be a part in preserving this wonderful, natural breed, one of the oldest and most intelligent of all domestic cat breeds.


We may sell some of our kittens with breeding rights to serious Abyssinian breeders. A serious breeder is one who is committed to improving the breed, knows the breed standards, obtains independent assessments of the quality of their cats from licensed Judges by participating in cat shows, is informed about Abyssinian health issues and takes all of the necessary measures to produce healthy, happy, well-adjusted kittens that meet the standards of the breed.

Sherry Pellerin, owner of Pellburn Abyssinians, is Secretary of
the Chickadee Cat Club, an ACFA Chartered Club


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