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The Boys 

Quad GC, RW, LA Pellburn Johnny Dillinger



Born April 14, 2009

Sire: GC Pellburn Scarface Cat Pacino

Dam: CH Instincts Santa Catalina of Pellburn


Dillin is my breeding male, the wonderful surprise that was born after his dad Scar escaped from the house and was killed on the road :(  Dillin has intense colour, lots of coat, and is so affectionate, a trait he is passing on to his babies :-)  I am so grateful that he is a loverboy, just like his dad!


Dillin has been Best Kitten in a 62 kitten show at the CCA 2009 Noel show and has placed “Best Cat” in the ACFA Eastern Canada Region for 2 show seasons in a row!  Like his Granddad TJ, Dillin has earned his Quadruple Grand Championship in ACFA and has earned the ACFA Legacy of Achievement (LA) title for 3 Top Ten Regional Awards.

GC, RW Pellburn Scarface Cat Pacino



July 13, 2005 - March 10, 2009

Sire: QGC Haro's Jake of Eszencia (T.J.)

Dam: CH Haro’s Ginger Snap of Pellburn


This is Scar, the first breeding male in my cattery. I didn't plan on keeping a breeding male, but Ginger and T.J. did it again and had outstanding babies in their second litter together. Scar's colour had a really deep red tone and his coat was a little longer than most current Abys.  Along with that, he was just so darn handsome and affectionate, I just had to keep him!


Scar won 3rd Best Cat in Show at the Bluenose Cat Club's ACFA show in spring of 2006 and earned his Grand Championship in CFA one show after his appearance at the CFA-IAMS Cat Championship at Madison Square Garden in New York City.  He was my first Grand! 
He also Granded in ACFA, and earned his Champion title in TICA and CCA.  Sadly, Scar escaped during an extreme amount of snow buildup and was killed on the road at the young age of only 4 years old.


Scar was the cat love of my life and I still miss him very much. 


See Scar's sire T.J. and other Eszencia cats at their website...

The Girls 

CH Haro's Ginger Snap of Pellburn 



April 6, 2002 - July17, 2012

Sire: GC Leo Esencias of Haro 

Dam: CH Haro’s Abi Alpha (Mina)


Ginger was a dark ruddy colour female and was my first Abyssinian.   She had a beautiful dark mahogany colour compliments of her maternal grandmother, from the famous Van Dyke lines. 


Thank you Isabel Christie of Haro cattery for trusting me to start my breeding program with Ginger, she certainly made beautiful Abys!


Ginger loved cuddle time on my lap, even though some breed profiles say otherwise of Abys.


To view Ginger’s pedigree, see  E.R.oS.

CH Instinct's Santa Catalina of Pellburn 



Born September 14, 2006

Sire: Ramkatz Ryan New Year of Instincts 

Dam: Instincts Rasberry


Catalina comes from Chris Giammarinaro’s Instincts Cattery on Long Island New York.   She has beautiful Instincts eyes, has a nice affectionate personality and loves laying on me.  She loves being around the other cats.


Catalina loved Scar so much that she wanted him to be around her and their kittens.  He was a wonderful father, and together they produced Dillin and his brother Jacoby (aka Jake) who now lives in Boston.  You can read all about him on The Daily Abyssinian blog!


Thank you Chris!

Both Ginger and Catalina have been DNA tested to be clear of the genes that cause PK Deficiency and PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy).

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